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What is Mobirise Site Maker?

Mobirise is a free website maker developed for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh platforms. It is an offline website building tool which means you have to download it to your computer before using it.

Mobirise features a drag and drop interface which is ideal for building small and medium sized websites, such as, simple portfolios, landing pages, and basic websites. It’s not only free for personal and commercial use but also provides a simple and user friendly environment for newbies.

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Website builders are common these days because many entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups use these website maker free tools to kick off their online presence in a quickest and easiest way possible without worrying about any programming requirements.

Page Creation in Website Maker

Website builders are famous for their page creation features and capabilities. Mobirise does not disappoint in this regard as its page creation capabilities are purely focused toward ease of use.

The platform is quite simple. At the main page, various customization options are accessible from an orange colored button located at the bottom-right corner.

Start with red colored button located at the bottom-right corner

Standalone templates are not included in the tool yet, but they will be. There are a variety of page blocks to choose from, which can be easily combined together to create a basic one-pager website.

This a useful method because it provides various customization options while limiting users to its pre-defined designing boundary. Customizations like texts, images, videos, colors, show/hide elements, content aligning, etc. are available.

Customizations like texts, images, videos, colors, show/hide elements, content aligning, etc. are available.

Pre-Made Blocks

The customization limits of Mobirise are well-balanced. It makes sure you don’t build something which is excessively diverse. However, it allows you to customize enough to make your desired website a stylish one.

In a nutshell, pre-defined designing limits of Mobirise will allow users to build an attractive website while limiting all those aspects which make the site excessively unique.

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Simply put, Mobirise’s website building method is recommended for those who get stuck at web designing. Because page blocks of Mobirise are the best. There’s a huge selection of information blocks, bootstrap sliders, intros, lightbox bootstrap galleries, slideshows, maps, menus, pricing tables, and forms, etc. available.

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There are three options that become available when hovering a block. These options appear in the form of buttons in the top-right corner. These options include Drag Block, Block Parameters, and Delete Block.

The Drag Block option enables drag-and-drop feature, which you can use to drag the block and move it above or below other blocks, useful for rearranging the site. The Delete Block option needs no explanation.

The Block Parameters option allows you to edit the selected block. Different block types have different parameters. For instance, if you select a navigation menu block, its parameters will display editing options, such as, making the menu sticky to make it visible all the time regardless of scrolling the page.

Inline Editing

There are a lot more customizations which can be done easily by pointing and clicking on different page elements. It is called inline editing. For instance, if you click "Download" button, it will bring up various options such as changing buttons color, editing the text, etc.

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Adding New Pages

Adding new pages is also very simple. All you have to do is go to the left side menu labeled as “Pages” and select ‘Create New Page’ option. There are many other options available in that menu including set page titles, edit file names, add Meta descriptions, etc. Despite its tons of designing and customization capabilities, Mobirise page maker is extremely fast and responsive. Which is indeed a plus.

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Multi-Site Management & Publishing

Managing multiple websites on Mobirise is easy. A grid/list of your existing websites are shown on the same menu, which allows you to switch between different projects quickly. It is a perfect feature for a web developer who has multiple clients.

You can go to ‘The Site Manager’ section of Mobirise free mobile website maker to access useful options like exporting a website, assigning a favicon, and adding a Google Analytics tracking code.

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All three major publishing options like publishing to a local hard drive, uploading via FTP, or Google Drive are available. All these options work flawlessly.

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The Verdict

Mobirise is an ideal and apparently the best free website maker for students, newbies, non-techies, even kids and elderly people. It’s not only simple but also fast, free, and easy website maker as it should be.

It provides a variety of customization options on a very basic level. The limitations of its customizations are very useful because they not only allows users to create an attractive and unique website but also help prevent making any complex menus. However, advanced users can access more customizations by installing Code Editor Extension.

The dragging and dropping options of blocks is simply amazing. They are the charm of Mobirise. These options are designed beautifully providing professional customizations out of the box.

What’s more, there are many downloadable extensions and page blocks available to further extend its functionality and customizations.


  • Mobirise is free to download and easy to set up.
  • Pre-defined page blocks with easier drag-and-drop features allow users to build attractive websites quickly.
  • Available blocks are high quality and professional looking.
  • Customization capabilities are great and allow users to personalize their website easily. Advanced users can access more customizations via Code Editor Extension.
  • Basic in-line editing options such as Point, Edit, and Click are designed specifically for newbies.
  • All three major publishing options i.e. Local drive, FTP, and Google Drive are available.
  • Managing multiple websites is fast and easy.
  • Multiple previews such as smartphone, tablet, and desktop browser are available.
  • Overall performance of Mobirise is fast, responsive, and error-free. It is very enjoyable to use.


  • Extensions are limited. Not much variety available.
  • You'll need a separate hosting to host a website.

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Mobirise is absolutely free for the commercial and non-commercial use. No ads, no watermarks, no signup, no payments.