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Creating a website without having to code a line sounds overwhelming, right? Indeed, it is. There is an immense number of website builders out on the web; you can try to make your site on your own. The online website builder is designed to be very easy to use, even for a beginner. You do not require any computer background to use these tools.

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About 8b Drag and Drop Website Builder

8b is a reliable website builder of the same fashion where you can start creating a webpage for personal or small business without having to hire a developer. 8b has the best themes of any website, this sounds subjective, but honestly, 8b has the modern, clean templates of all. 8b is an intuitive website builder, and everything is thoughtful. It’s is the most lovable and easy to use drag and drop website builder.

8b drag and drop website builder helps you create a website that is modern looking yet responsive. Select the best template that matches your category, fill in the contents with drag and drop then launch the site. It’s that simple with an 8b Website builder. Here, you do not have to care about hosting and all; if you are just starting, you can take advantage of 8b’s free SSL sub-domain.

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Importantly, another impressive feat; 8b is free to use software tools. You need not worry about investing any penny in creating a beautiful looking website. Make a functional website with 8b within a couple of minutes on the go.

Awesome 8b Features

8b Website builder stands out in various ways, below mentioned are its top strength.

Stunning Looking Website Templates

Using a suitable template on your work saves a lot of time and work. With an 8b drag and drop website builder, you get to interact with several models on different categories. Also, you can customize the template while adding your images, content, layouts, and elements. Popular templates available on the 8b drag and drop website builder are of category, shop, photographer, sport, travel, restaurant, music, consulting, and hotel.

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Google AMP support

As we have already talked, a website built with 8b is modern and responsive. With Google AMP linked in, it adds extra layer as a performance booster. Mobile, as well as a desktop web browser, works well on optimized conditions with Google AMP. Page loading speed increases as it adds flexibility to the website.

Free of Cost Website Builder

Start creating a website with 8b without having to pay anything. It has no hidden fees and costs, which other service companies generally add as a feature to scam. Also, you do not have to take care of extra charges on the domain name. 8b website builder provided a free subdomain for its users.

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Entirely Optimized Website and SEO Friendly

SEO does not always depend on contents and keywords; a proper website template plays a vital role in ranking the page. Website themes on 8b are coded correctly; as a matter of fact, they help to optimize the webpage on search engines like; Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Definitive Method to create a website with 8b

Follow these comprehensive stepwise guidelines to start creating a website with 8b.

Step 1: First things first, navigate to 8b website builder and sign in to the site.

Step 2: After you are correctly logged in, and 8b verifies you, and you are ready to choose a design that suits your website.

Step 3: After that, choose a site name and hit on the “Create Site” button.

Step 4: Now, once you take off to start creating a site, on the generated page, click on three-horizontal bars located at the top-right corner. You should now see lists of menus to select, click on “Sites” and continue to “create a new site.”

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Step 5: And, select a category and site name again. After this, you should land on the actual website template.

Step 6: Subsequently, enjoy the freedom to customize and create your content on the template. Click on the gear icon on the right to drag and drop materials to the page.

Similarly, use the Add button (+) to customize each section.

Step 7: After everything finishes, click on publish to save the contents.

Meanwhile, you can open the site on the desktop and mobile view to make sure everything is in their place. Now, export the content to local storage or host to your domain.

Wrapping it up

In short, the drag and drop website builder is an elegant looking tool that works to perfection with those people who would like to make a website effortlessly for free. In the above section, we have walked you through all the details required to make a website with 8b. The website creator shines with the features and performance in real-time testing.