Online Website Builder For Any Business - Overview - 2020

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Every business requires a website. However, you can get more attention online with a website that features the latest trends in web design. These are features that put your brand noticed ahead of the competition.

It gets better. Now, you can build a brilliant website for your business without having coding or design skills. The 8b Online Website Builder is the tool for this job. It is free and simple to use.

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Some of the latest design trends your website should feature are as follows;

  • Super-fast loading speeds for the web pages
  • Aesthetic appeal- user-friendly interface
  • Responsive when users access the site with different devices
  • Accommodate ads and different templates

It also helps to use website design tools that incorporate the features of Bootstrap and AMP. Tools such as Bootstrap give you access to premium templates and themes, crucial plugins, and essential components that are compatible with the grid system you need for your website.

online website builder

The Accelerated Mobile Project (AMP) is an open source program aimed at creating excellent websites for all businesses. The AMP advantage helps you create websites which are responsive, engaging, super-fast, and user-friendly. This means visitors to your site will have a pleasant experience and understand the nature of your business or corporate message.

Thankfully, with the 8b Online Website Builder, you can enjoy these benefits and more while independently building an awesome website for your business.

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Describing the 8b Online Website Builder

In the simplest terms, the 8b AMP website builder is a tool you can use to create your website even if you do not have coding or programming experience. The flexible features of the 8b Online Website Builder make it possible for you to use the tool online or offline. So you can have fun adding and editing features of your project to build a website with modern and responsive features.

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How it works

You will definitely find it very easy to use the 8b Online Website Builder. All you ever need to create a website using 8b is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and an internet connection. This implies you can start your cool website on the go. What’s more, the drag and drop system makes it incredibly easy to use the tool, all you need to do is choose the template or blocks which are the best match for your website.

First, you need quickly to sign up for free. Next, get access to the features of the 8b AMP website builder. There are so many features which have been added to help people who need to build websites for e-commerce shops online, hotels, restaurants, fitness websites, or for your tourism blog and many more options.

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You will be provided a plain canvas to work on while building your website. After choosing your preferred template, based on your major business or brand, the fun continues. There are panels on the side which offer blocks which you can add to your canvas. Thankfully, it is possible to edit your previous choices so do not be worried about making a mistake.

While building your website, you will find many options on the side panels. For example, there are options you can use to adjust rows, tables, sizes, and resolution of blocks you have chosen for the project. There are also options to modify the footers and pricing tables you need to match your website.

You can also add images and videos to create galleries or slides. If you render services, you can add testimonials of previous clients who have been satisfied with your services. When you are satisfied with the look of the site, after a preview, there will be an option to publish your site online.

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8b Templates

This has to be the best part of using the 8b AMP website builder. The creators have added templates to help you build a website that stands out from the rest. It is important to have a unique website; what’s more, adding trending and modern website features helps to keep your visitors engaged.

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The templates of this Website Builder are suitable for people who need sites for e-commerce, entertainment, sports, gaming, real estate, legal or hospitality services, writers, and wedding planners.

Advantages of the 8b Online Website Builder

Considering the high costs of hiring a web designer to build your site, this tool is invaluable. Moreover, you don’t need to have coding skills to build your website.

Other advantages are as follows;

  • It is free, try 8b today and be amazed
  • High quality and responsive website for all devices
  • Access to different templates
  • Customizable features
  • It uses the bootstrap and AMP technologies to enhance your website features
  • Create unlimited web pages
  • Online access to build and edit your website everywhere you go


In conclusion, the ease at which you can use 8b to create a website from scratch is almost unbelievable. And when you are done, with a few clicks, you can publish your website, putting your brand out there, to a global audience.

Try it today for free, sign up and start building your website in minutes.