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These days, the World Wide Web has gone the speedy route, so everyone on the web has to either go fast or go home. As such, websites have to be super fast and responsive, that is, easily accessible from several kinds of devices to be relevant. Minimalism is the new cool because the less clunky, the lighter, and the lighter, the faster. Using AMP builders like this one will guarantee that websites achieve these requirements without breaking a sweat.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, is Google’s project made to grant easier access to tools for building websites that load speedily and deliver an all-around excellent mobile user experience. Since folks at Google favor mobile responsive pages as seen in the brand’s mobile-first trend, it only makes sense that they’d make it easier for web builders.

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Mobirise and its AMP Themes

Mobirise’s AMP website builder is fully equipped with SEO and is as easy-to-operate as saying the letters of the alphabet off the top of your head. Aesthetically speaking, it’s juicy to look at and operates as beautifully as it looks. Some examples of the most popular free HTML5 consulting templates:

The BlackAMP theme has a black background and is an inspiring consulting website template that features 70 amazing blocks of features, headers, icons, images and videos, reviews, sliders, toggles and tabs, et cetera. You can access BlackAMP in several languages including English, French, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Bulgarian.

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The EventAMP, like the name implies, is perfect for promoting events like festivals, meetings, and conferences. It’s also great for displaying presentations. It has blocks for the run of the mill headers, features, tabs, images, and info, sliders, articles, timelines, social and footers, et cetera.

The LightAMP theme, also Bootstrap-based is a delightful consulting website template that can be used in conjunction with tons of other Mobirise AMP themes. It has a pale background and is designed for small businesses and start-ups. It is responsive, fast and user-friendly, and creates a lightweight, non-buggy user interface for small businesses to display the goods they sell or the services they provide.

Consulting Website Template

The consulting website template is a super aesthetically appealing theme with a variety of customizable options. It has stunning visuals and a responsive navigational menu system and impressive mobile adaptivity in terms of functionality and speed.

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This block-based consulting website template is the perfect choice for business websites and includes several customization options ranging from the header with separator and images all the way to testimonials tabs, pricing tables, sliders and carousel, video, info, contacts and footer blocks.

Build your website from the ground up the way you would build your home—with excellent blocks!

How it works

The thing about AMP is that in AMP page building, one has to possess a certain minimal level of coding skill and be familiar with AMP HTML and AMP JS to be able to make any headway. Luckily enough, some platforms make it easy for one to be able to build a website without spending a lifetime learning coding. One of those platforms is Mobirise.

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Many platforms all over the net promise automated website building, but what makes Mobirise truly stand out is its wide range of juicy offers. Whether you are intent on creating a website, blog, business page, information hub, portfolio or e-commerce platform, AMP website builder ensures your web pages will work fluidly and responsively with mobile devices as well as desktops during slow internet connections and in places with unstable internet connectivity; pages will still load speedily and neatly.


Mobirise, in addition to giving you an opportunity to build your own AMP websites with little or no coding skill. It also allows you to use its massive collection of ready-made templates. All you need to do is choose to form any of the available AMP themes and develop your website sections and blocks to create your menus, footers and contact forms. Also available are gallery building options, sliders and combined blocks with texts, images, videos cards, and whatnot. All templates are pre-made to run smoothly and effortlessly on mobile devices, so you do not need to do any further optimization yourself.

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There are several reasons to choose Mobirise ahead of other host-based website builders, one of which is that Mobirise isn’t associated with any major hosts. Instead, it is backed by the full might of Google (which built the platform in the first place), and as such, users can host their website with any internet service provider they choose without being facing any issues.


AMP is quite easy to build and is accessible by just about anyone. This is especially beneficial for people who are starting a business and cannot yet afford the services of a web designer. If you fall into this category, then Mobirise is a great option to consider due to its ease of use and inexpensiveness. It, however, cannot cater to the needs of bigger businesses due to its simple—admittedly too simple—modular design that can be limiting on many fronts.

Should you pay for Mobirise AMP themes? No, that's why it's the perfect choice for smaller business and low-budget customers.

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