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An Accelerated mobile page (Google AMP) is an open source technology designed to help users build websites in order to improve web content performance and advertisement. After it was first announced by Google in 2015, a lot of companies have gone ahead to create various AMP’s which offer various features to aid users looking to enhance their online web appearance. Mobirise is an offline AMP Page Builder, which assists users create websites, online resumes, portfolios, and landing pages to mention but a few.

AMP HTML Landing Page Template

With Mobirise AMP you can create and design quality websites without having any knowledge of coding or web development, The Mobirise platform offers an easy-to-use interface, with mobile friendly features and up-to-date website blocks and techniques.

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Mobirise as an AMP Page Builder

As a website builder Mobirise provides users with a simple yet effective method towards the creation of websites, blogs sites and e-commerce sites which have begun to gain popularity. It helps create a fast and user-friendly interface which ultimately helps accelerate website loading to ensure that visitors are offered easier and faster access to your website regardless of the state of internet connectivity. This ensures that visitors to the said site will have a better user experience notwithstanding.

Ultimate AMP Page Builder

Mobirise website builder is SEO-friendly, responsive and gives its users the opportunity to customize their websites however they want to offer them a wide variety of free AMP themes and templates to choose from.

Mobirise AMP themes

Mobirise AMP offers its users various AMP HTML Landing Page Template packages at a really affordable rate. The themes offered are customizable, with a wide array of options with regards fonts, colours and layout designs to choose from using the website blocks. Some of these Mobirise themes are the Light AMP, the Black AMP and the Event AMP each possessing its own unique features. The light AMP HTML Landing Page Template has a pale background and can be used to design websites for interior designs, sports or tourist websites. It serves as a platform for small businesses that need a responsive and user-friendly website to display their services. The black AMP HTML Landing Page Template, on the other hand, has a black background which makes it the more preferable choice of the three for official and business websites. It offers over 70 website blocks and is available in several languages including Spanish, English, Italian, French, Chinese, Dutch and Bulgarian.

AMP Website Builder

The Event AMP was particularly designed for publicizing events, product demonstrations, purchasing and booking of tickets, as well as uploading business conference details. These templates all have a live demo page that shows users how to use all the website blocks needed to create unique websites. The demo page also displays a preview of what your site will look like upon completion.

Startup AMP HTML Landing Page Template

Startup AMP HTML Landing Page Template offers various templates which make it generally easier to build simple mobile apps, share online working spaces, ideas, thoughts, and platforms for users to launch start-up businesses, grow them and even gain a deeper understanding on how to market and manage their investments.

The Mobirise website blocks

The Mobirise website blocks are one of the key features that make it very easy to use, especially for users with no knowledge of coding. It is very adaptable and since Mobirise is not affiliated with any big company names users have the option of hosting their site with any ISP of their own choosing.

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These numerous website blocks provided allow for any number of combinations using the various features, giving users the flexibility to create customized designs from fronts to colours palettes and even other variables.

Available features

Mobirise offers unique features that help users gain better control of their sites, some of these common features used include, the header and footer blocks, the carousel and sliders, lightbox images etc. Mobirise also features a social media block which aids users and visitors connect across all social platforms.

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Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Mobirise and its StartupAMP theme.


One of the major pros of using Mobirise is its ease of use. Another upside to using Mobirise as an AMP site is its ability to give users the flexibility to customize their website, offering them numerous website blocks to do so and at their own discretion.


The Mobirise AMP is most suitable for small businesses. This is because huge companies prefer to be completely in charge of their websites so they are able to tweak large chunks of the website at any given instance thus the need for a completely coded website.

In conclusion, Mobirise is a great AMP website which provides small businesses with amazing features that are suitable for creating amazing websites at very affordable prices and at the discretion of the users. To add icing to an already sweet cake, it provides a very easy solution to website building such that anyone with the right eye can build up a stunning website based on their needs and without any prior knowledge of coding or web development.

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