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Entrepreneurs in today's market have accepted the idea of having an online presence for their businesses whether it is an Instagram page, Facebook page, or an individually owned website. The processes involved in creating the first and second options are quite easy, but getting a website involves buying a domain name, writing codes and providing content, and hosting the website like this.

The website creating process has been the challenge not particularly the hosting and domain name purchase; and in the course of trying to solve the problem, AMP website builders have been provided for easy, fast and beautiful website development without struggling with codes.

amp website builder

AMP is short for Accelerated Mobile Pages, and it is basically an HTML web page that is designed to make data lighter and load contents faster to improve web experience. It is an open-source research project which Twitter and Google set out to accomplish in a bid to respond to Facebook's Assistant Articles which was produced by the partnership of Facebook and Apple News.

We can go further to discover the powerful effects which this solution is providing to the internet world, and we should explore these in the following areas;

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Latest web design trends

Web designs technology and activities have continued to evolve towards easier and high-quality standards to allow for the best form of sharing information on the internet. The web design trends have usually been determined by many creative designers, and it has always been in the bid to respond to the feedback signals of what the audience requests.

The trends that were the biggest at the beginning of the year include; Web animation, color exploration, web page topography, data storytelling and many others. The ecosystem of contents information created by AMP currently included 25 million domains, and above 100 technology providers alongside leading platforms that involve small businesses, advertising, publishing, e-commerce, real estate, and many more.

These trends have got huge influence from the AMP websites as it improves the speed at which the users interact with high-quality contents.

Google's mobile-first standards

This is a priority program which Google intends to use for indexing and determining rankings of online pages; the company wants to focus on improving mobile web experience and therefore add mobile web pages to their index before desktop web pages.

AMP HTML Music website template

The improvements that come with this idea is owing to the fact that mobile devices generate more traffic on the internet when compared to desktop computers. The AMP website innovation provides all the required tools and resources for which web pages will become Google search favorites.

Mobirise AMP themes

AMP website builders are of two types which include online and offline builders; they are the tools which people who search for easier, cheaper and more effective websites need.

Mobirise is an offline web design software that offers a lot of pre-designed templates. A pioneer AMP website builder app that presents and manages the Google standard technology into limited templates.

Mobirise AMP themes are a set of templates in the site builder containing many Mobirise features that include a photo and text templates with high-speed functionalities.

BeautyAMP theme

The list of AMP-based template includes BeautyAMP HTML AMP theme; this AMP HTML Theme contains templates that focus on Beauty topics like spa, salon, makeup studios, etc. It is built with Google's mobile-friendly features and the Bootstrap 4 technology.

AMP HTML template

Beauty HTML Web Page Template can be fully customized with the ease of managing the AMP HTML Theme to suit any device screen resolution because of the Bootstrap 4 technology, and its design uses web page sections known as blocks.

Excellent Blocks

The blocks in BeautyAMP themes comes with already built-in menus that have awesome listings like phone number and email, opening hours and promos sections. These are the blocks, and they have attractive designs containing background image, color blend and text style.

The Bootstrap 4 configuration allows more outstanding blocks to be introduced using Bootstrap cards; you could include content blocks like social icons, teams, blogs, testimonials, etc. Users can achieve excellent results with the AMP theme blocks even without any prior expertise in web design.

How it works

When you open the BeautyAMP template, you will be welcomed by the default arrangements of any HTML Web Page Template which you have selected. There is usually need to alter the design and make changes on the web pages to serve the desired functions; thus we have to learn how it works.

amp page builder

The following are few steps to follow;

  • Step 1: Download Mobirise AMP site builder and the Beauty HTML Web Page Template, and install both on your device.
  • Step 2: Open 'project' to see a blank page where you can begin to work.
  • Step 3: Drag the desired blocks from the list above and place them where you want them to be positioned.
  • Step 4: At the top right corner of the display, you will find options to help delete, drag and modify the block arrangements. The modify option allows you to add text, buttons, background color, video, titles, and every other important parameter in the AMP HTML Theme.

These steps are easy to follow, and more practice and content sourcing will get anyone building websites in a very short period of time.


There is a long list of advantages to making you use Mobirise Beauty HTML Web Page Template today, but we can present you with a few important ones.

  1. Mobirise software is free for download
  2. Anyone can create an unlimited number of websites and share any kind of data.
  3. This HTML Web Page Template allows you to create pages that display contents very swiftly.
  4. The technology behind the BeautyAMP and Mobirise is Google friendly, and the user has equal chances of gaining wonderful results with web design.
  5. AMP HTML Site Theme
  6. It contains very attractive looking blocks with their distinctive styles.
  7. Users are free to work with any hosting provider of their choice.
  8. The website will be extremely easy to maintain.


The Mobirise BeautyAMP theme is making the top of almost every list of AMP-based site builder on the internet, and the features which are fully supported by Google's mobile-first standards have successfully put it in the spotlight.

Updates will soon be launched to enhance this powerful web design tool as the open-source initiative will receive so much support from various developers. The high-speed content viewing capability of this innovation will continue to increase its demand amongst creative professionals, and there will be adequate feedback for better improvements.