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Apartment for sale today is an extremely profitable business and a great investment. If we want to buy an apartment, house or office space, we are drawn to real estate brokers to obtain a full set of information services. Since the Internet firmly took their positions in the modern life, we begin your quest with World Wide Web.

Having your own website is an indicator of success for an agent for the sale of real estate. The website creates your image, helps to find new customers, business partners and sponsors. We can say that the website will directly help you to earn money. Knowing this, you can create a site with this software that will bring you even more success and profit than you expect.

bootstrap real estate template

Today, there are a lot of new tendencies in creating a website. Here are some general features, namely a big menu, fashion effects, brand in lifestyle, storytelling, quality content, 3D effects, WEBGL, Unity, and VR&AR. In order to create an effective website, you have to be aware of these tendencies respectively. Additionally, you have to know the following features of site developing.

What is Mobirise?

Mobirise is an offline application for Windows and Mac, with which you quickly create small websites, landing pages, online resume and portfolio, promo websites for applications, events, services, and products. Free website Builder Mobirise is ideal for those who are not familiar with the intricacies of web development, and for designers who prefer to work clearly, without interfering with the code. It is also very useful to professional developers for rapid prototyping and small projects for clients. The main differences from the traditional designers of sites:

  • Minimalist, easy-to-use interface;
  • Suitable for mobile devices, the latest blocks for websites and creative technology;
  • Free to use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

The software is positioned as a simple website builder, and therefore to understand the available tools can virtually everyone.

free boostrap template

Support “drag-n-drop” allows you to move the selected tool in any block of the workspace of the program. Unfortunately, the editor is supplied only in the English version, but in this case, the functions are easy to find intuitively. There is a preview of the website on different devices.

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How to use Bootstrap Real Estate Template

For creating an attractive website for the estate, there is a special platform called RealtyM4. It is a universal and contemporary HTML Bootstrap Real Estate Template. It meets the needs of realtors and agencies as well. This platform helps to create responsive websites for selling properties online. The structure of this website builder is pretty easy. You have to create the Bootstrap Real Estate Template and add it to the site. In order to make it more versatile, you have to drag and drop the blocks. You can do it in accordance with your preferences.

responsive real estate template

Every view while searching the estate finds some relevant information about it. That is why you have to edit the block. Try to describe every proposition in details. Emphasize on positive aspects of the product and encourage the user. When all the necessary information is added you have to publish the website by clicking on a button.

Additionally, RealtyM4 allows you to choose a Bootstrap Real Estate Template for the layout available settings of all located in its elements. You can change the colors of different parts of the site, which can be buttons, backgrounds or blocks. Change font allows you to configure the text part so that visitors feel comfort in reading the content. One more distinguishing characteristics of RealtyM4 is the support cloud storages and FTP services. You can download all the project files to FTP-server or on the cloud. It supports also Github Pages. It is a very handy feature, especially if you work on a single PC. What is more, the function of the add-on significantly enhances the overall functionality of the program. With the help of special plugins, you can connect the cloud with the presence of audio from SoundCloud, Google Analytics and more. There is an extension that allows you to access the code editor.

real estate template

This will allow you to change the parameters of any element on the website, simply hover your mouse on a specific area of design. In the environment of RealtyM4, you can add videos from your PC or YouTube. Just need to set the path to the object that is stored on your computer, or link with the presence of the roller. It implements the ability to insert video instead of the background, which is quite popular these days. Besides, it is possible to fully customize playback, aspect ratio, and other video settings.


  • Alternative design pattern;
  • Editor which allows you to make any changes in code blocks;
  • A pack of vector icons. Includes a set of several hundred high-quality icons of various themes that can be added, for example, in menu items, buttons, and articles, used instead of images for the logo;
  • Adaptive website layouts;
  • Easy to use interface;
  • Flexible configuration of components and website design.

bootstrap real estate template


The only drawback of this platform is the relatively similar layouts sites. Even it provides a wide range of possibilities to create the site; the overall layouts are quite identical.


Thanks to this multifunctional editor, you can develop websites according to your taste.

Using a variety of program settings you can change any element. And additions make the software solution that can be used by not only beginners but also professional webmasters and designers.

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