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I am not a tech junkie that is loaded up with programming skills and time to devote to crafting websites from scratch. I am a software power user that has made multiple websites for blogs and businesses and every time I have done it I have had a few more hairs turn grey and a significant increase my swear jar contents. It isn’t that I dislike tech or even think that I shouldn’t have to learn programming languages to make a really good website, the fact is I have too many other moving parts in my busy life to really indulge learning everything I want to learn. That said I am still a little too stubborn to just farm a simple blog or website out to someone else. Finding Mobirise has made it so I can now do these simple websites with ease and a lot less frustration.

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Mobirise allows the user to build a website with blocks. It is really quite simple, pick your free Bootstrap template, and then start adding the blocks that you want. There are blocks for just about everything you would like to do and it seems that a lot of thought has gone into how to make sure each template will meet almost all of the needs your website will have. One of the frustrations I have had with other website building Free HTML5 Themes is that they are stagnant and what I get is what I get, unless I can do some programming. With Mobirise and its free Bootstrap templates, I get to choose what elements I want and then tweak the colors and other features to meet my needs. The other thing I love is the ability to switch between the mobile app viewer and the website viewer, which means I know exactly what my site will look like on smart phones. Four of the Mobirise Free HTML5 Themes I have looked at and played around with are the HotelM4, CommerceM4, RestaurantM4, and StoreM4.

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When I first looked at the HotelM4 which, just like all the Free HTML5 Themes I looked at, is compatible with Mobirise 4, it felt familiar. I do a bit of traveling and love to stay at small boutique hotels and Bed and Breakfast style lodgings. I am pretty sure that I encountered websites built with this free Bootstrap 4 template.

bootstrap hotel template

What I really like is how you can add in all of the elements you need like booking, availability, maps, amenities, easy to navigate picture of the property, it is all there. I did worry about the fact that all of the blocks are stacked without using multiple pages to spread content out that users would get bogged down when scrolling down the page, but what I did find was putting all the blocks on one page meant the site works much more smoothly on mobile devices.


The CommerceM4 template is great for brick and mortar businesses where you want to attract customers giving them an overview of your offerings and even introducing them to your staff, but if offers so much more. You can build your own shop with call to action buttons to covert lookers into buyers.

ecommerce html website template

As I toyed around with the blocks and options what really struck me was how personable I could make the page. Other Free HTML5 Themes I have worked with are so formal and stiff that my commerce pages looked like too many other pages in the marketplace. The blocks allow for a level of customization that though thousands of pages are made with this free HTML Bootstrap template, they all look unique and different which means that you can do more than build your website, you can build your brand.


The RestaurantM4 template will help you to take your dining website to the next level and help customers find you and your unique cuisine.

bootstrap restaurant theme

In comparison to other HTML5 website templates the blocks of this one include things like the ability to easily display your menu on-line, make a reservation, order delivery, get a catering quote, and so much more. Everything is designed with restaurateurs in mind to make it easy for someone who might be more comfortable in a kitchen than at a computer make a beautiful website that is as enticing as the food they serve.


Building a website to sell your products can be one of the most daunting tasks when it comes to designing a website. The StoreM4 template makes it easy enough that you can have a functional store website with a cart, check out, and payment all integrated in an afternoon. What really gets me excited about the store template is how easy it is to create a sale in your on-line store.

html5 store template

One of the problems I have found with other Free HTML5 Themes is the time and effort needed to put anything on sale. With the

StoreM4 template not only can you put the individual items on sale with ease, but you can add banners and headers that let your customers know what is on sale the moment they land on your page. Having new sales every week or even flash sales seem realistic using this free Bootstrap template because of the how easy it is to modify and publish your page.

Overall I find the ease of using Mobirise a game changer for people like me who make webpages not as their occupation, but in conjunction with a small business. At first I wasn’t a fan of the fact that your blocks are on one page and your landing page essentially holds everything, but then using this on a mobile device, I actually see it as an advantage. As your customers interact with your page pop-up’s and linked pages do open and the pages feel incredibly intuitive not just to the web page designer, but also to those you come to your page. Overall I see this as a real way to make web page design and management easy for regular people who have running a business as their primary goal, but need a great webpage to function in today’s mobile market place.

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