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Are you a professional, or an entrepreneur, or a talented person in this era of increased technological advancement and you are looking for a way to let the world see your works? then an online presence is all you need. Online website builders offer an easy way for any individuals to have a website without undergoing the rigorous stress of writing codes like the traditional procedure for website creation, and the easy website builder sites can be accessed worldwide with just a click from your tablets, laptop/PC, and mobile devices just like the traditional website.

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Website builders are proprietary tools that are utilized to construct websites without having the knowledge of web programming and save you an enormous amount of time in manual code editing. The online website builder tools are the products of companies that are into web hosting and these tools already have laid out templates, database, and content management systems (CMS) to aid a swift website construction without hassle.

What is 8b

8b is an easy website builder that offers free templates, database, and content management system that are lucid and allows any individuals to create a user-friendly, Google-friendly, smartphone-optimized, and professionally structured and layout websites in a space of minutes. Just like any other website builder, the 8b is impeccable for people that aren't grounded in web programming but want a top-notch website.

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The 8b easy website builder tools can be used by a novice and it offers various categories of templates that are catchy with uniquely beautiful hues as well as a domain name; if you don't have one to launch your website, unlimited web hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), secure sockets layer (SSL), progressive web application (PWA), and site export.

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Templates offered in the 8b website builder are for:

  • Music website
  • Photography website
  • Wedding website
  • Small business website
  • E-commerce website, etc.


Top-Notch Website Templates

The easy website builder comes with so many merits that enable its users to have specific objectives on the type of website they want to create. Aside from having so many templates that fit what any individual needs in having a website, the option for customizing the website is so many, providing a lot of features in order for your website to be disparate from any other users using the same template. Texts, images, video, and colors can be easily replaced to fit its user's predilection without much effort, which makes your website to be well structured and appear professional, thereby fascinating site visitors in the web design field with exceptional trends.

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Online Mobile Website Builder

The 8b website builder is completely internet-based and to get a hold of the tools on the platform, you just need a web browser, and from anywhere in the world you can access and work on your website. Unlike a lot of easy website builders that offer website creation through a web browser that's only on computers/laptops, on the 8b, you can create your own website using just your smartphone or tablets as well as your computer without any difficulty.

Mobile-Optimized Features

If you are a user of the 8b website builder, be rest assured for a responsive website as you don't need any manual modification. The layout and structure of your website will perfectly fit the screen of any device used by your website visitor.

Search Engine Optimization and Fast Google Ranking

After undergoing the three main steps in creating a website using the 8b website builder, just with few clicks, the site is published and submitted to Google. As a general rule, Google's rating for higher ranking is due to your website security, mobile-ready, and fast website speed. This is what Google loves! all these features are available on the 8b easy website builder.

Library of Page Sections to be Utilized

When modifying your desired template on the 8b website builder, there are various sections that you can input into your page. Available sections are up to 25O and have various uses like header addition, testimonials, feature tables, team members profiles, and many more.

Lucid Front-End Drag and Drop-Editor

This website builder front-end drag and drop-editor tool easily understood at first glance and is readily editable to add your content.

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How to Create a Website

As mentioned earlier, creating a website using the easy website builder involves three main steps but first, all you need is to have a web browser either on your PC or your mobile device and visit and sign-up using your Gmail or Facebook. When you are logged in or signed-up on the 8b site, you can begin customizing your website.

Select a Website Template

After you have gained access to the 8b website, you are presented with various templates options such as companies, hotels, portfolios, events, and many more. Choose your preferred website template that fits your project.

Modifying your Chosen Website Templates

When you have selected your desired templates and have named your website, you can begin editing your website to uniquely fits your predilection by clicking on the three horizontal icons. This immediately displays a pop-up page containing the preview, publish, sittings, pages, site, accounts, and help icon. Clicking on settings directs you to the site settings, where you can click on the selected icon you want to change. This process is very straightforward and easy to do. After you have saved the changes, you can click on the preview icon in order to see how the site is going to appear when it's published.

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Publishing your Website

Publishing your website on the 8b site couldn't be easier, when you are satisfied with your editing, you can go ahead to publish your website. Publishing it makes your website accessible to anyone on the internet.


So many website builders appear to be somewhat difficult when utilizing their tools and latter of the website creation comes with an outcome that isn't top-notch or fascinating enough, however, the 8b website builder as shown to be outstanding and exceptional, not only with the user-friendly interface that it has but with the several selections of great templates as well as the different library selections. This makes users of the easy website builder have a website that's uniquely professional in structure and layout.

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