Is it possible to combine two slideshow in html on one page?

Q: I found your site from Adobe where your beautiful contact form is displayed. It is lovely!
Since I couldn't find a sample of the form to download I went hunting for your site and found your Lightbox.
I've re-entered college to earn a graphic design degree so I can get a job.
In our Graphics for the Web class part of our final exam is adding a lightbox gallery to a page.
Instead of creating two separate pages is it possible to combine two lightboxes on one page?
Hope this makes sense.
Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

A: It is possible to install several separate galleries on
the same page.

You can do it in 2 ways: manually and using 'Insert to Page' option:

1. Insert to Page option

To install several separate galleries on the same page
use 'Insert to Page' option:

- Create first gallery and install it on the page using 'Insert to Page' option.
- Create second gallery: Gallery->New.
Add it in the same page using the same option etc.

2. Manually

You should for each next gallery:

1) Open Gallery->Properties->Publish;
2) Specify unique Id for the gallery: Gallery ID
3) Install gallery in the usual way.