Empty jquery slideshow project file

Q: Hi! We have been using the VisualLightBox for several months now, and have generally been quite satisfied. But just recently, we have started having an issue.

On two different computers, i.e. with two different installs/instances, the program will not open galleries. Whether through the "open recent" shortcut, or from a file folder, the program will open, and show the filename in the info bar of the window, but the gallery is not visible or editable. This only started happening recently, as I mentioned.

I tried reinstalling without uninstalling, and then uninstalling and reinstalling. This did not help.

Both computers are using Windows 7.

I am attaching a screenshot, in case my explanation was not clear. Also, it shows the version we're using, in case that helps.

Thanks so much!

A: Actually, VisualLightBox project file stored settings of your gallery only (information about
template, image resolution, template of thumbnails, etc), it does not include images.

So if you saved you project as .vislb file and decide to edit created gallery, all the images should be in the same folders/directories they were, when you saved .vislb file.

Otherwise, if you replaced or deleted images .vislb project file won't open correctly.

Anyway you can try to correct(check) paths to images in .vislb file.
Just open it in any text editor and find the following code:


Check values used for <url> tags.