I get "Active X controls" error message when preview jquery lightbox example in Internet Explorer browser.

Q: I've finally got around to using your product (VisualLightBox for Mac version 5.0) on my web page, and in tests it works beautifully on my Mac, but when I try the same page on Windows 7, there are glitches:

On the Mac, the html file opens in a new window (using a long-tested script).

On the PC, if I launch the page without 'Active-X and other scripts' being allowed to run, the page comes up in the existing window. If I then click to enable those scripts, the slideshow and images come up fine (if not, nothing happens).

A: You can get this error message on your local machine only. You won't have such message when you open your website via Internet.

If you don't want to see this message you should do the following things:

Tools/Internet Options/Advanced Options/

and set
"Allow active content from files to run on My Computer".

Close Internet Explorer and open it once again.
There will be no such message any more.