"Spinner" spins for about 3 seconds but video lightbox jquery doesn't run

Q: I have a current version. I have installed it.
File version, product version 5.0 2 0
Date modified 2/21/2012

Yet, when I go to run the program, my "spinner" spins for about 3 seconds and then nothing happens.
I tried to right click and "run as administrator." No luck.
Tried to turn off any firewalls, antivirus - no luck.
When I run it, in my task manager - services I see that a WerFault.exe runs as it is attempting to start - which is a windows problem reporting. Yet no windows are showing for either of them.

I'm running Windows 7, version 6.1, Build 7601: svc pack 1
I am also running 64b dual processor.

A: Try to do the following:

Control panel -> System -> Advanced system settings -> (Performance) Settings -> Data Execution Prevention.

Turn off DEP or add VisualLightBox in the exception list.