Is it possible to userails jquery lightbox with Video LightBox together?

Q: Dear Support,

I would like to use both (Visual LightBox and Video LightBox)on the same page.

I want to create a button below the video with the content information - it must open a window when I position (rollover) the mouse over the button.

A: Actually, the Visual LightBox supports pictures only.
It is not advisable to use pop-up window for information.

But it is still possible to make it manually.

1) Please add the Video LightBox to your page.
2)After that you should add the picture to the VisualLightBox gallery (if you want
mouseover event you should choose it in Gallery properties->General->Zoom on mouseover and
check this option).

3)Paste the VisualLightBox into the same page with VideoLightBox.
4)Open your .html page in any text editor and replace the thumbnail for the photo gallery
by the button in BODY section of VisualLightBox .
For example, you should change:

<a class="vlightbox0" href="index_files/vlb_images0/11.jpg" title="11"><img src="index_files/vlb_thumbnails0/11.jpg" alt="11"/></a>


<a class="vlightbox0" href="index_files/vlb_images0/11.jpg" title="11"><button type="button">Click here!</button></a>