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Websites should ideally be fully accessible from many different platforms these days. Using an AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) website builder ensures that any new site will load and run seamlessly on any given device, no matter the age or operating platform. Sites which load easily on older phones, or in low mobile reception areas, are likely to maximize their firms’ customer base, simply because users can access them when other sites will not load.

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Simplicity is often best when it comes to mobile-optimized websites. Users accessing the web on the move, even via static onboard wifi, are likely to experience a drop-off or slowing in performance compared to accessing the web via a home or office broadband wifi connection.

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Mobirise as AMP Website Builder

Mobirise AMP offers a quick and easy way to create a mobile-friendly site from scratch, whether that’s a blog, an e-commerce site, business pages or an information hub. Using AMP website buildermeans that the site will be compatible with mobile devices. In addition, Google flags AMP-compliant pages and displays them first on mobiles so the user has a speedy transition to the selected site.

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If a mobile user is traveling, on an older phone or in an area with poor mobile phone coverage, a site which can load even given those issues is likely to be favored over more complicated, slower-loading sites. Many mobile phone users on older handsets also appreciate a cleaner and clearer interface on any device, which an AMP-enabled site provides.

AMP Themes

Mobirise AMP has three paid for AMP themes: Black AMP, EventAMP and LightAMP. They are all completely customizable using the website blocks supplied in the download zip, which come with a variety of options for fonts, colors and layout preferences.

Black AMP has a black background, LightAMP has a pale background and EventAMP is designed for event publicity, ticket booking, business conference details, product demonstrations and other ticket-only participation events.

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Mobirise AMP is faster than many other options. It also benefits from being backed by the might of Google, which produced the software in the first place. It operates on a ‘content-first’ rule, which makes it a good choice for blogs, news sites and internet magazines - in short any site with frequently updated content.

EventAMP theme

EventAMP Google AMP template has all the usual useful website blocks: headers and footers, tabs, images, sliders for images and sponsor logos, videos, maps, contact pages, feedback and testimonial options, plus an easy click-and-choose social media block. There is a useful Live Demo page on the Mobirise website which offers a clickthrough option so users can see what the block would look like full size. The Timeline option allows the site owner to show progress on their project, concert, ticket sales or conference booking schedule. At any point, viewers can choose to purchase the Google AMP template, watch the video or select another block to view.

Website blocks

Because the Mobirise AMP website builder is made from blocks, it’s simple for anyone to use. No coding knowledge is required. Professional web designers can use it just as easily as a sole trader or startup owner doing everything themselves. It is more adaptable than many current host-provided website builders and because Mobirise is not affiliated with any of the big names, users can choose to host their site with their ISP of choice.

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The variety of standard website blocks allows for any amount of combinations, words to pictures ratio and a few variables such as sliders, timelines and numbers of tabs. The main outgoings will be the hosting cost and the initial cost to purchase the Google AMP template from Mobirise. Fonts and colors are also customizable from a stock palette of contrasting or complementing colors for each block.

Available features

The available features of the EventAMP AMP site template from Mobirise include a rather unusual timeline block, which can be used to chart the progress of a project or event, or even provide a day-to-day countdown of the preparation. The more common features include header and footer, blocks for articles and images, carousels for revolving lists of merchandise products or maybe speakers, testimonials (perhaps from previous delegates or audience members) a table block - maybe for a draft list of exhibitors - and the all-important social media block with all the expected plugins enabled - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and V-Kontakte, among others.

Pros and cons

From the developer’s point of view, an AMP site is quick and easy to build. It is likely to meet every need of a small or medium-sized business. For a sole trader operating a startup, who cannot afford to pay a web developer to build and run a business site, the Mobirise option is even more customizable than the big hosting names as it is not tied to a particular layout provided as part of their ISP hosting options. Because of its simplicity, Mobirise AMP is a great choice for small businesses.

A Mobirise Google AMP template may not be as good a choice for larger businesses, though, precisely because of its simple, modular design. Graphics designers and expanding companies may wish to opt for another Google AMP template so that their designers have full control over the website blocks, and can code whatever tweaks they wish into the site.


For small businesses and sole traders wishing to set up an initial website with low maintenance costs, the Event Google AMP template from Mobirise is a super-simple option. It offers enough blocks to permit individual design, while being affordable to buy and quick to set up. No coding is required; it’s just a drag and drop style. Unlike some of the themes tied to ISPs and blog hosting companies, it is independent and users can choose their own hoster.

Simple. Affordable. Customisable within limits. Code-free. For those people and businesses looking to break away from the free website templates offered by the well-known hosting companies, Mobirise’s selection of amp website builders is ideal. With clean lines and simple settings, EventAMP Google AMP template and its sister free AMP themes Black AMP and LightAMP can convey a company’s message loud and clear.

For small to medium-sized firms, sole traders and independent operators, Mobirise’s range is ideal. In so many ways, it fulfills every requirement of a smaller business’s needs.