I want to make popup window larger in free lightbox

Q: Laying aside the "fit to screen" option: what I would really like is to control the resizing of the image in the popout and make the final image larger (take up more screen space). Tweaking the CSS doesn't seem to have good effect. Is there some JS code that I could adjust to increase the image size?

A: Open "vlbdata.js" file in any text editor (for example, Notepad) and add following parameters:
* featBrowser: true, // set it to true or false to choose to auto-adjust the maximum size to the browser
* breathingSize: 20, // control the minimum space around the image box
For example:

jQuery(document).ready(function(){ window.Lightbox = new jQuery().visualLightbox({autoPlay:true,borderSize:10,classNames:'vlightbox1',descSliding:true,enableRightClick:false,enableSlideshow:true,resizeSpeed:7,slideTime:4,startZoom:true,featBrowser: true,breathingSize: 20 }) });