How to avoid broken images when using jquery lightbox plugin tutorial

Q: Dear support,

I have manually inserted the coding for the head and body into my html page.
I am able to bring up the page but it shows just broken images.
What am I doing wrong?

A: The thing is that you didn't upload the data folder of Visual LightBox to your server.

Generated "index_files" folder should be into the same folder with your page (where you added VisualLightBox) on your server.
If you get "question marks" instead of images, it means that you didn't upload "data", "engine" folders on your server at all or upload them into wrong place. Please check it.

For example, you have the following folders and files on your server:


So, if you add VisualLightBox into:
* "main_page.html" page - "index_files" folder should be into a root folder on your server;
* "page1.html" or "page2.html" - "index_files" folder should be into "pages" folder on your
* "page3.html" or "page4.html" - "index_files" folder should be into "new_pages" folder on your server.

.bak file is generated by "Insert to page" wizard. It'll allow you to remove a gallery that was inserted with it in the future. You need not to upload .bak files on your server.