I want to publish by ftp and I change index file for free javascript image gallery

Q: I'm use the free javascript image gallery and want to publish by ftp, I change index file name but,
he publish index.html and not my new index name.

I need to have the new name as I browse the files html.
Is this possible? and how?

Can you please let me know how to remove this so that the white background doesn't
overwrite my main template background which is an image.

A: Unfortunately it is not possible to change index file name
if you use 'Publish to FTP server' option.

But you can specify the name of the folder where your gallery
will be situated on the server: 'Publish gallery' tab->'FTP Folder'.
You should specify this field to prevent uploading the gallery
into the root folder and overwriting index.html page of your website.

Actually it is possible to change index file name only if you use 'Publish to local folder' option.
You can upload gallery using ftp manager you usually use in that case.
You should publish gallery on a local drive in any test folder:

- open Gallery->Publish gallery or click 'Publish' button on the main menu panel;
- select 'Publish to folder', click 'Browse' button and select any local folder
- click 'Publish' button

Open saved folder you'll find index.html file with gallery, folder with images and
.css, .js files.
You should rename index.html file and upload it and other gallery files on your server.