Is it possible to add several jquery popup lightbox on the same page?

Q: Hello,
I've downloaded the visual lightbox the non commercial edition for trial.
Can you let me know how to create multiple galleries such that different photos are loaded into the different galleries? or is this feature available inside the commercial edition only?

A: You can install several separate galleries on the same page in 2 ways:
manually and using 'Insert to Page' option:

1. Insert to Page option

To install several separate galleries on the same page
use 'Insert to Page' option:

- Create first gallery and install it on the page using 'Insert to Page' option.
- Create second gallery: Gallery->New.
Add it in the same page using the same option etc.

2. Manually

You should for each next gallery:

1) Open Gallery->Properties->Publish;
2) Specify unique Id for the gallery: Gallery ID
3) Install gallery in the usual way.