Trying to open the .vislb files for the lightbox zoom galleries I saved, nothing happens..

Q: I hope you can help me with my problem.
I created many galleries to post on my website. Recently, I have a need to go back to some old galleries I created to
make some changes. I saved everything on my hard drive; but, now when I try to open the
.vislb files for the galleries I saved, nothing happens - none of the photos in the gallery appear.
I am not sure what to do.
Do I have to recreate all the galleries? But, then I will lose a lot of the work I put into captioning each photo.

A: VisualLightBox project file stored settings of your gallery only (information about
template, image resolution, template of thumbnails, etc), it does not include images.

So if you saved you project as .vislb file and decide to edit created gallery,
all the images should be in the same folders/directories they were, when you saved
.vislb file.

Otherwise, if you replaced or deleted images .vislb project file
won't open correctly.

Anyway you can try to correct(check) paths to images in .vislb file.
Just open it in any text editor and find the following code:


Check values used for <url> tags.