Why do I get "Host not found" error in lightbox overlay?

Q: Hello.
Every time when i try to upload it gives a problem: "Connecting to host failed: Host not found"

A: Are you able to connect by FTP using the same FTP settings in other FTP Manager?

Check also that you selected the created location from the list of available locations till you press Publish button.

Actually you can upload WOWSlider slideshow using ftp manager you usually use.
You should publish slideshow on a local drive in any test folder:

- open Gallery->Publish gallery or click 'Publish' button on the main menu panel;
- select 'Publish to folder', click 'Browse' button and select any local folder;
- click 'Publish' button

Open saved folder you'll find index.html file with slideshow, "data" folder with images and "engine" folder with .css, .js, files.

You should upload all these files on your server.