When I preview image gallery jquery plugin in browser, I see only question marks

Q: Just purchased the unlimited license for Visual Lightbox (Mac). I cannot get this to work properly from following the directions on your web page. After inserting a gallery on my page in Dreamweaver, it previews perfectly but when I upload it to my site the graphic is missing. What folder should the graphics be in? What folder should the gallery be saved in? Does it matter? Your site does not give good step by step instructions as to where all these files go.
I have tried to follow your instructions to the letter but obviously I am missing something. Could you please give me an example of what the folder structure should be? Evidently the Path to my graphics is incorrect. Should I publish to the same folder where the graphics are? Should the Gallery be in the same folder as the engine and other files? Should the engine be in the root directory?

Here is the procedure I followed:

I added graphics from an Images folder in my website as instructed
I published to a folder called Gallery1 in the root directory of my local site
I saved the Gallery in a Documents folder on my computer
I published the gallery to an .html file in the root directory of of my site
I previewed the results in my browser. Everything works perfectly.
I upload the the .html file, the Gallery1 folder with the engine and other files, and the .bak01 file which appeared in my root directory and of course the image files from my Images folder.

Result: A question mark appears in the browser on line. Clicking on it launches the window with a spinning wait icon, evidently looking for a graphic that isn't there.

What am I doing wrong?

A: Generated "data" and "engine" folders should be into the same folder with your page (where you added VisualLightBox) on your server. If you get "question marks" instead of images, it means that you didn't upload "data", "engine" folders on your server at all or upload them into wrong place. Please check it.

For example, you have the following folders and files on your server:


So, if you add VisualLightBox into:

* "main_page.html" page - "data" and "engine" should be into a root folder on your server;
* "page1.html" or "page2.html" - "data" and "engine" should be into "pages" folder on your
* "page3.html" or "page4.html" - "data" and "engine" should be into "new_pages" folder on
your server.