I need two pieces of text in the gallery: short caption and longer description. Is it possible with lightbox with thumbnails?

Q: I just started experimenting with VisualLightBox, it looks great! A question... I'd like to generate a page of thumbnails with captions. When a thumbnail is clicked, I'd like to see the full-sized photo, the caption, and a description if present. I've found all of these features, except for the ability to specify a description.
I need two pieces of text associated with each photo. One is a caption or title, typically short, like "tigers". This would appear under each thumbnail, and prominently under each full-sized photo. The other is a description, typically longer, like "These tigers were observed while on safari in Uganda in May 2010...". This would only appear under the full-sized photo, beneath the caption.

Is that feature available?

A: Yes, it's available.

You should select image by clicking and enter any comment or text into the field.
* To display caption for thumbnail you should use thumbnail's template "with titles".
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* You can divide caption from description using <b>, <br/>, etc. tags.
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