Multiple javascript gallery Joomla module support

Q: How to make more than one javascript gallery Joomla module on a page?

A: After you install first joomla module you should
for each next gallery:

1) Create gallery
2) Open Gallery->Properties->Publish;
3) Select 'Create Joomla module'
3) Enable 'Multi Galleries Mode';
4) Specify unique ID for the gallery and set comma-separated list of IDs
you already used for other galleries on your site.

See the attached screenshot - screen1.jpg.

5) Save in any local folder
6) Add created module - using
'Extension Manager' (Extensions->Install/Uninstall).
7) After open Extensions->Module manager and enable Visuallightbox Module,
click 'New' button
8) Select 'VisualLightBox module' and click 'Next'

See the attached screenshot - screen2.jpg.

9) Specify settings you need for the new gallery.
Set the same gallery unique id you used for the gallery
in the Parameters->Module Parameters->Gallery Unique ID

See the attached screenshot - screen3.jpg.

10) Preview your website.

Please try this.