Is this possible to use one thumbnail in jquery lightbox sample?

Q: I purchased your program VisualLightBox and got a problem with that. I want to have a gallery with multiple images but only ONE THUBMAIL to click, and then proceed the gallery on the same page in overlay mode. Is this possible with VisualLightBox? If not, do you have a program, so that's possible?

A: Yes, it is possible.
You can use the following parameter to hide thumbnails you don't want to display on the

style="display: none;"

For example:

<!-- Start BODY section id=1 -->
<div id="vlightbox1">
<a class="vlightbox1" href="data/images1/england.jpg" title="England"><img src="data/thumbnails1/england.jpg" alt="England"/></a>
<a class="vlightbox1" href="data/images1/france.jpg" title="France" style="display: none;"><img src="data/thumbnails1/france.jpg" alt="France"/></a>
<a class="vlightbox1" href="data/images1/german.jpg" title="Germany" style="display: none;"><img src="data/thumbnails1/german.jpg" alt="Germany"/></a>
<!-- End BODY section -->